Buyer Representation

Purchasing a commercial property can be a big investment and can help you make a future profit or save you money long-term in running your business. If you have a commercial property you would like to purchase, we are the real estate firm with the knowledge of the market, the different locations that would work for you, and help you get a contract in place quickly and effectively for you. We can help guide you through the entire process from site selection, negotiation, and helping connect you to resources you might need during this process (contractors, lenders, attorneys, inspectors, etc).

Reasons people choose to purchase commercial property:

  • Developer wants to buy land to build housing on (townhomes, apartments, single-family homes)
  • You are tired of paying rent and want to buy land to build your warehouse or office on, or buy an existing property that fits your business needs. You are tired of paying rent when you can be building equity.
  • You have not found the right property for your warehouse or office so it’s time to build your own.

“The best investment on earth is earth.” Louis Glickman

Make it simple-work with Gerber Realty and take advantage of their decades of experience. Let us find and secure your real estate while you run your business.

We believe a high code of ethics and standards is vital to our company’s success and earning our client’s trust. We are dedicated professionals focused on assisting our clients in achieving their strategic objectives.