Seller Representation

There are many reasons why people sell their commercial property:

  • They want to make a profit by selling their property during favorable market conditions when there is a need for extra income
  • As an owner-investor, your major tenant is leaving and it is a good time to sell to someone that will want to buy and occupy the property
  • Loan is coming due so you might choose to refinance or sell your property and find another that is a better fit
  • You have outgrown your current property and need to move to a larger one, or you have downsized and need to relocate to a smaller facility
  • Owner has become sick, divorced, or family has acquired the property through the death of a loved one
  • Owner is the actual tenant (owner-user) and has decided to retire
  • The property is not in the best shape and the cost to make the improvements is not in line with your goals
  • Time commitment is too much. Dealing with leases, maintenance issues, increasing operating expenses… you are just tired of managing all of this

Whether you are selling a building, land or warehouse, we can help determine how your property fits into the current market climate and help you in the process of making sure the property is priced accurately (comparables, use of appraiser, etc), market your property through technology and research, arrange tours of the property if applicable, negotiate the most favorable terms possible, and support you through the closing.

We believe a high code of ethics and standards is vital to our company’s success and earning our client’s trust. We are dedicated professionals focused on assisting our clients in achieving their strategic objectives.